CrossFit classes are fast paced, whole body oriented and the work outs designed to strengthen the entire body.  


Our program is unique to US, designed for the specific needs of our members.  No where else will you find more work done during a one-hour period.


The universal scalbility of CrossFit means that ANYONE, at any skill level, age, fitness level...etc, can jump into a class at any time and pick up the movements, concepts and intensity level.  

At CFG, we have trainers that can meet the needs of EVERYONE. 


Prior to class starting, individuals come in and begin to warm up on their own.  Warm up consists of:

1.  Cardiovascular/Aerobic warm up for 8-10 minutes

2.  Mobility and Stretching that pertain to the days activities

3.  Specific warm up done together


Next, you will have a skill portion of the work out where we work on a few specific skills that is planned for the day.  It may be lifting for reps, a gymnastics movement, cardio interval training, pushing and pulling sleds, flipping tires, jumping on things, using sledge hammers, carrying odd objects...etc.  All designed to make the body functionally stronger.


We love lifting weights.  The next portion of class is dedicated to the specific lift planned for the day.  We follow different strength cycles throughout the year, so athletes are given rep schemes and percentages to go off of for the day.  

CrossFit DOES make you stronger!


WOD (Work Out of the Day)

Next is the wod, or Workout Of the Day.  A work out can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, and the work outs are different every single day.  You never have to come into CFG with a work out plan for yourself, we design the work outs for you.  The work outs can consist of 2 movements, 3 movements, or many.  Everyday is varied and every work out has a focus of testing your power output, moving large loads, long distance, over a time period.  How quickly and efficiently you can do it is the goal.  Our work outs will leave you drenched in sweat and gasping for air, that is a promise.


Lastly, we have "Finishers" which are also different everyday.  We mainly try to focus on mobility, stretching and getting the heart rate back down to normal with a light bike, walk, or row.  Other times we work on skills that are weaknesses to finish the day off.  


At CrossFit Greendale, we have world class coaches that are experts and professionals in our sport.  Our ability to scale the CrossFit work out to your individual need and abilities is what we pride ourselves on.  At our gym, we make sure that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do the work outs.  No one will be turned away because of ability or skill levels.  We welcome all shapes and sizes, fitness levels and abilities...get in here and come work out with us!  You won't regret it, you'll be hooked!