Frank Colavita


Head Trainer





CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer



CrossFit Achievements:

Two-Time CrossFit Games Masters Athlete

2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, finished 12th

2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, finished 18th

Current Statewide Ranking:  1st

Current Regional Ranking:  1st 

Current Worldwide Ranking: 32nd



I have been an "on again off again" athlete my entire life. My early years, very early, were filled with competitive swimming, baseball, football, and then came tennis. My teens were spent playing highly competitive tennis at the regional and national level.

Fast forward twenty years to 1998: I had become a 230 pound, 36 year old, desk jockey. Finding that unacceptable, implementing a drastic change in nutrition and a trial and error workout routine, I transformed myself into a 175 pound fitness machine in 4 months. The next two years were spent as a group exercise instructor, and studying kinesiology and physiology in an effort to become more fit, and a better coach."

October 1999, a motorcycle accident left me unable to train or teach, and I allowed "life" to take over again. Fast forward again to 2008. "Life" had transformed me into a 255 pound, 46 year old. I dug up a picture of myself from 1999, hung it on the refrigerator, where it still hangs, and refocused my energy on living a healthy productive lifestyle. The next two years were outstanding.

Currently I am a nationally recognized Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise and a CrossFit Level One Certified Trainer. I have been leading a boot camp at a local YMCA and working with athletes of all ages, in the attainment of their fitness goals.

Beyond the books and badges, I am a no-nonsense, yes you can, no excuses or B.S. kind of guy. I will tell the truth, and train you to the best of both of our abilities…That's a promise!



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