Nutrition is the baseline to every goal you want to accomplish with your health.  
CrossFit Dietary Prescription:  eat meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  
We know that the average person doesnt follow this, we are here to help you achieve your goals!
Who Is It For? 

This service is perfect for any athlete who is looking for detailed nutritional guidance tailored to their specific goals. 

Initial Meeting

During your initial one-hour private session, you will meet with a coach to:

-  Weigh in, have body measurements taken and your body fat calculated. 

-  You will also spend time discussing and setting fitness goals and devising a plan to reach them.  Training for something specific?  Not a problem!

-  A brief introduction to "diet" will be covered, including how it can be best applied to your specific goals and training regimen.  Based on your goals and body measurements, we will create meal plans for you to follow.

-  You will be signed up for a monthly food log where you will log your food daily.

-  You will create a benchmark work out and set goals that we will retest at the end of the month to test improvement in performance and changes in your body. 

How Does It Work?

Once the athlete and the coach have sat down and discussed diets, goals, measurements...the athlete is given information on the specific diet they will be following for the month.  They will be given recipes, food plans, a list of foods to eat/avoid.  For one month, they will fill out a daily food log so the coach can monitor his/her eating habits.  In return, the coach will make suggesstions on how to eat better to achieve your goals. 


How To Get Started

Please contact Frank at 414-265-9715 or send an email inquiry below. 

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