We do offer private training for those looking for a one-on-one type atmosphere outside of class.  
Who Is It For? 

ANYONE!  Personal training can be utilized in a variety of different ways.  We train people for specific events (powerlifting, Olympic lifting, triathlons...).  We train people who want to focus on form and technique with video analysis outside of class.  We train individuals who want to simply get stronger or lose weight!  We also train people who aren't quite ready for the group atmosphere yet and feel more comfortable individually.   There are a variety of different reasons why someone would want a personal trainer.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a few different options available.  Please contact Frank for packages and pricing options...414-265-9715 or please fill out the contact form.
















How Does It Work?

Sessions are about one-hour long and are geared toward your goals and needs.  You will receive the same benefit as a class work out in a more personalized environment.  

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