In the Milwaukee area, there are many new CrossFit gyms. 

Fortunately, we are all not the same.  How do you choose the best gym that is right for you?  Do your homework, and visit more than one gym.  What should you look for?  Keep in mind that I have been a part of the CrossFit community for over 8 years, have competed at many different competitions across the country (including the Regional level), and have lived and traveled all across the country and have seen many good (and bad) CrossFit facilities. 


Programming:  Does the gym only offer a wod (work out of the day) with no skill or strength work prior?  Is the program biased towards cardio or bodyweight movements and neglect strength training?  Are the wods always long, drawn out AMRAPS? 

We want 1 thing for our members…RESULTS.  We program for our members to increase their total fitness, and we utilize the entire hour for class.  We want to make you stronger and more efficient in the various lifts we do.  Our skill and strength portions of our work outs are structured specifically to see gains on a WEEKLY basis.  We want to make you better rowers and faster runners, all while working on your gymnastic/bodyweight movements.



Why We're Different



Form versus Intensity:  One thing we pride ourselves on is the endless hours of coaching we do.  It doesn’t matter if you have been working out with us for 2 years or 2 weeks, every single class we coach our members through the proper ranges of motion and the points of performance for each movement.  This prevents injury and promotes strength and efficiency in these movements. 


Coaching:  Are the coaches experienced?  What are their degrees and certifications?  Do they follow the CrossFit methodology themselves?  How many coaches are present during a class?

Our coaches know and understand the movement standards.  They can perform and communicate them in a coaching environment, and they are reviewed daily during the work out briefing.  Most of the time, there are 2 coaches on the floor monitoring movement.  Can’t perform the movement or lift a certain amount of weight?  Not a problem.  All of our coaches are knowledgeable and experienced enough to provide scales and modifications so that ANYONE can achieve the benefit of the work out. 


Community:  Is there a friendly, positive atmosphere in the gym?  Is there a good rapport between trainers and athletes?  Is there camaraderie between athletes and coaches?  When you walk into CrossFit Greendale you are greeted by us and immediately introduced to the class to become part of the group.  CrossFit can be intimidating, so we make sure to make you feel “welcome” and “at home”.   When you walk into our gym, you immediately have numerous new CrossFit friends.  Our supportive community creates a positive and inspiring atmosphere, making you want to come back for more. 



Class - CrossFit Greendale
Class2 - CrossFit Greendale

So when you are looking for the right CrossFit gym, price and proximity to your house shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  It doesn’t matter how big and new the gym is either.   Are you surrounded by a community of people who are supportive in helping you on your journey to health and fitness?  Are your coaches knowledgeable and experts in their domains?   Most importantly, are you seeing results?